The Salesman.com Story

Hey there!

My name is Will.

I'm a sales guy who loves to teach.

Don't worry, I'm not another “guru”. I have a sales quota just like you. I sell the ad space across the Salesman.org podcasts and work with some of the biggest brands in the world today.

I am however obsessed with interviewing sales experts, simplifying what I learn and then teaching it in the Selling Made Simple Academy™.

A few years ago, before we had 2,000+ academy members, I googled “how to get better at sales” and…

The training content SUCKED.

It was lead by sales trainers who hadn't sold anything in 20 years, wearing suits with massive shoulder pads, sharing tactics that would never work on the surgeons I was selling to at the time.

The training was useless.

I was desperate to improve my sales skills.

My Mum was ill with cancer and I wanted to be able to go to work, crush my quota and then leave on time so I could look after her.

But the sales training I was following kept overcomplicating things. I was going into work earlier, working harder, coming home later and not getting any closer to target.

Then on top of that, there was a constant push to use new shiny sales software too and they only seemed to add to the complexity.

So I started the Salesman Podcast and began interviewing the worlds top sales experts to find a better way to hit quota.

The Salesman Podcast blew up and it turned out that there were tens of thousands of salespeople like me who felt that traditional sales training had let them down.

I grinded out 500+ episodes of the show.

Then, everything clicked when I interviewed a NASA astronaut on the podcast.

He kept going back to this idea of using simple “frameworks” to do his job.

That was my a-ha moment!

If frameworks can shoot a dude into space and get him back in one piece…

Then the right frameworks can systematize the modern selling process and make sales success predictable too.

So after 5 years of interviews, I started sharing these simple selling frameworks with our audience.

The feedback was incredible.

Time after time I was told that the selling frameworks take the guesswork and uncertainty out of selling. They massively reduced the stress of the people I shared them with.

Unmotivated salespeople instantly became motivated when they understood the steps needed to guide a buyer from prospect to close.

And I fucking loved seeing everyone smash their sales quota too.

Teaching selling frameworks is what I was meant to do, and hopefully, I can help you leverage these frameworks so you to can have more success in your sales role.

Do you want to close more sales, whilst working fewer hours and feeling wildly motivated?

Then check out the hundreds of hours of free content on Salesman.org and when you're ready, sign up to Selling Made Simple Academy™.

Keep pushing forward,


PS – Teaching sales isn't just about throwing a few videos on a website and calling it a day. Over the years I've mastered the science of “learning design”.

I leverage our broadcast quality studio, white-boarding and the characters you'll meet below to train you with stories, rather than crappy power-points…

Meet The Crew

Meet the fictional team of folks who are going to guide you to sales success through their shenanigans.


(Sales Rep)

Sam is an average sales professional with aspirations to become great.


(Senior Sales Rep)

Walter is a successful salesperson with plenty of experience. He tries to guide Sam the best he can.



Harry is Sam's best customer. Sometimes he makes Sam's job simple, sometimes he's a pain.


(Sales Manager)

Brian is Sam and Walters bumbling sales manager who hasn't actually sold anything in 10+ years.



Christopher is the high flying CEO of the company everyone works for.


(Marketing Manager)

Mary tries her best but pretty marketing often comes before closing  sales.


(Sales Trainer)

Gerald is the sales trainer that Brian insists that his sales team work with.

Our Results, By The Numbers

We're only 6 years in but we've already come a long way.


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