9 Problems All Sarcastic Sales People Will Understand

It’s a chicken and egg scenario. Are sales people sarcastic because of rude customers or is it the sarcasm that makes customers get annoyed in the first place?

Either way if you work in sales you will be able to relent to some of these.


1) When a customer says something really stupid you have a hard time hiding it.

stupid customer
Via reactiongifs.com

2) And sometimes you feel like just giving in and going full sarcastic.

Warner Bros.

3) You find it really difficult when you’re sales manager praises your hard work.

hard work
NBC / Via twilightsaga.wikia.com

4) You’re sometimes so sarcastic so often that you forget you’re even doing it.

sarcastic sales people

5) You have to remind customers you’re being serious because they’re to used to you cracking jokes.

Chuck Lorre Productions
Chuck Lorre Productions

6) You give your customers tough love (because they need it) but they never understand.

tough love
Granada Entertainment

7) You have to explain to customers that “you’re just kidding” at least once per week.

I'm only kidding
It’s a Laugh Productions

8) Sometimes you worry that sarcasm is not an attractive trait in a sales person.

Apatow Productions
Apatow Productions

9) But then you realise your customers love it because it makes you human.




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