4 Reasons Why B2B Salespeople MUST Develop A Powerful Personal Brand



Lastly, before we jump into the how, I want to point out that you need to invest up front to reap the benefits personal branding down the road. Personal branding is about deciding to take an active role in the direction of your life.

But to get you excited about your personal branding journey here are a few things that you all have on the other side of it –

1) Inbound leads

In a world where we are all connected prospects will reach out to individuals that they see as experts when they have a problem. This is going to increase in momentum in the next few years.

If you are branded as the expert in your space, you will have buyers who are proactively trying to solve a problem asking you how to solve it. Clearly these are the easiest people to sell you could possibly imagine

2) Control

You can generate your own sales leads if you have a sales job for life. Again, in a world where marketing automation, Facebook advertising, content marketing and more are the preferred ways for a business to organically grow, you are going be a standout sales rep if you have people coming to you.

You become unfireable, Alan Sugar’s worst nightmare.

3) Achievement

It’s always good to be recognised and to be complemented and the work that you’re doing.

By becoming a brand in your space, you leap from pesky sales professional to someone that other people admire and want to spend time with. When you are congruent in your messaging and you’re honest about what you want in life people trust you easier and things happen faster.

4) Opportunities

I have inadvertently build a personal brand via the Salesman Podcast. You would not imagine the opportunities that come to me every single day from simple things like getting offered speaking gigs at $10,000 a pop to companies like Hubspot calling me up and saying they want to work with me, on my terms, as they want my personal brand to rub off on the multibillion-dollar business. How cool is that?

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