3 Steps To Find And Close More Sales (In The Next 30 Days)

Over the past six years, The Selling Made Simple Academy has EXPLODED. 2000+ academy students, $992M earned by our members, more than 20 proven frameworks—and we’re not showing any signs of slowing down either.

And it’s all thanks to how we make selling simple.

Today we’re breaking down our unique sales methodology step by step. And with it, you can start simplifying your sales process and leveling up your career today.

So let’s start things off by answering one simple question…

Why Use Frameworks at All?

Why use frameworks at all? Well first and foremost, one of the biggest problems I’ve seen with my students over the last few years is that they’re confused. They’ve got a million different methodologies pulling them in a million different directions. And instead of taking steps forward, they’re just going around in circles.

The problem? They’re overcomplicating things.

What’s great about using step-by-step frameworks is all the guesswork and confusion get taken out of the equation completely. Instead of wondering what to do now, your next step is specifically outlined. And that means you can keep pushing forward.

The Simple Selling Method

Alright now let’s talk about The Simple Selling Method. This method is built on 20+ proven frameworks. Frameworks that’ve helped more than two-thousand of our students earn nearly $1 billion in revenue. And frameworks that’ve given reps just like you the skills they need to level up their career.

Now we’re going to do a quick overview on what these frameworks cover. But if you really want to dive deep, head over to Salesman.org for a closer look.

Okay so the first set of frameworks involve…

A) Understanding the Market

Understanding the market. If you don’t know who you’re selling to and why people buy, you’re going to waste tons of time selling to the wrong customers at the wrong time.

If you want to master understanding the market, you need to know how to…

1. Sell By the Numbers

One, sell by the numbers. Sales is a numbers game any way you cut it. And the better you are at leveraging those numbers, the more consistently you’ll be able to hit your goals time and time again.

2. Value Proposition

Two, proper value proposition design. Your value proposition dictates your messaging your clients, your process, and just about everything else you do as a sales rep. So how do you create one that resonates?

3. Buyer’s Journey

Three, the buyer’s journey. This framework helps students understand how their buyers move through the five stages of awareness and shows how to map your product’s unique buyer’s journey.

4. Building a Prospect List

And the fourth skill of understanding your market is building a prospect list. How can you keep bringing new, qualified buyers into your sales cycle? What does it take to break into new markets and tap into new lead sources? There’s tons of valuable info we cover here.

Now, the second skillset is…

B) Getting in Front of Buyers

Getting in front of buyers. Now depending on your marketing department, you might already be getting a good amount of inbound leads. But if you want real control over your success and earning potential, you need to be able to generate outbound leads as well. And that takes…

1. Sales Cadences

One, knowing how to build sales cadences. And that means understanding the essential elements of a cadence and what cadence templates to use in every situation.

2. Cold Email

Two, you have to be an effective cold emailer. How do separate your messaging from the thousands of other emails your buyers receive every day? And don’t worry, there’s a framework for that.

3. Cold Calling

Skill number three here is cold calling. Let’s face it, cold calling isn’t every rep’s favorite part of the job. But guess what? It’s downright necessary if you want to be a high-earner. That’s why we developed our five-step cold calling framework for proven cold calling success.

4. Social Selling

And last but not least is social selling. This framework shows you how to develop a flywheel lead generation system that practically sells while you sleep. And maybe even lets you *gasp* take a vacation once in a while?


C) Explaining the Value

Alright now skillset number three is a big one. Because it’s all about explaining the value. This one’s made up of six different skills…

1. Run a Diagnosis Call

First, running a diagnosis call. More leads doesn’t necessarily mean more sales. You’ve got to have the right customers if you want to get the most bang for your buck. And that means running a proper diagnosis call first.

2. Conduct a Demo

After that, you need to know how to conduct a demo. A product demo is one of the most powerful tools in your sales toolbox—when you do it well. And this framework takes out all the guesswork.

3. Upsell

Number three is mastering the art of the upsell. Your existing customers are some of the best opportunities you have for making serious bank. After all, they already know you can deliver value. All it takes is following our proven upsell framework.

4. Takeover Competitor Accounts

Skill number four is taking over competitor accounts. Now this is a tricky skill to learn. But once you do, you’ll open up the door to leads that already understand your value and may actually be easier to close than any other lead type.

5. Close Effectively

And speaking of closing, there are plenty of misconceptions out there about what closing is and what it should be. But in this lesson, we cut through the bullshit and look at a closing method that not just works like a charm, but is simpler than any other strategy out there.

6. Earn Referrals

And last but certainly not least, do you know how to consistently earn referrals from satisfied clients? Guess what—it’s easier than you think. All you need to do is follow this four-step framework.

So there you have it! Secrets revealed, mysteries solved—you now know exactly what it takes to become a sales industry success story.



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