3 Steps To Avoid “You’re Too Expensive” (Price Objection)

Are you losing sales based on price?

It’s because you’re using your products features and benefits to sell rather than positing yourself as the solution.

Want to learn how you can never have to complete on price ever again? Then stay tuned.

So to win a sale, you have to position something as the solution to the buyers problem.

So the buyer is living in their current reality.

And they want to move to a bigger, better, brighter reality where their problem doesn’t exist over there right?

That makes sense right?

Well most salespeople create what we call the “reality bridge” from their product. As soon as you do this, all of the value that you can offer as a trusted advisor and expert in this space goes out of the window.

The buyer immediately starts comparing your product against your competition and as most products are similar, it comes down to price.

Instead, you have to frame in the mind of your buyer that YOU are the reality bridge between their current reality and their future reality.

I’m going to share with you two ways of doing this now.


The first Step is simple. Start talking about how YOU can help the buyer rather than how a products feature is going to solve their problems.

If all you’re doing is explaining how a product feature is going to give the buyer a benefit you can be replaced with a webpage.

Instead you need to share how YOU are going to help the buyer solve their problems and get to this new reality.


Additionally you can start adding value to the buyer by helping them redefine what their best future reality might be.

When you are the gap between the buyers current reality and a new, better defined future reality, you are anchored as the reality bridge between them. You’re now playing the game by your rules, rather than the rules that were set out by the buyer originally.

They wanted to go from A to B. You educated them that they could go from A – C and so now the buyer believes that you’re the only person that can get them to this new, unique location.


Now that you have firmly built your reality bridge, you need to be able to defend it from attack. You can do that by being able to confidently answer these questions:

  • Why should the buyer move from one reality to another?
  • Why should you be the bridge to get them there?
  • Why should the buyer take action now?
  • How can the buyer eliminate the risk of the change?

If you can answer position yourself as the reality bridge and answer those questions, you’ll never have to compete on price ever again.

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