2 Simple Steps To Close A Sales Deal

The Question

The Answer

Hey Qukier, this is easy. Use the two-step process we teach at Salesman.org in our Closing 3.0 training. To close any sale all you need to do is ask –

“Does it make sense to…”

So you’d ask –

“We’ve been through our consulting capabilities now, does it make sense you get you signed up so we can start working together?

It really is that simple. Pretty cool right?

Now, what do you do if they say “no”?

Then you ask the second question –

“What needs to happen to move things forward?”

As long as you’ve done the other steps of the sales process correctly, the buyer will want to coach you here and they’ll tell you what you need to do next to get the deal done.

It could be that they need everything you’ve discussed in a formal proposal before they can get the final sign off. They might need to get a copy of the contract and send it off to their legal team before they can sign.

The thing is that you’ll never know any of this unless you attempt to close the sale.

On a side note, you should also be closing throughout the sales process too, not just at the end of it.

At the end of every call –

 “Does it make sense to discuss if we’re a good fit to work together?”

“Does it make sense to bring your boss in on this?”

“Does it make sense check if you have the budget before we move things forward?”

You should always be closing with “does it make sense to” which will push the sale forward and get verbal agreement from your buyer that they actually want to progress with the deal.

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